Thursday, April 9, 2009

- Keep Calm Carry On Smiley Poster -

Original grimy Smily screened on a weathered Keep Calm Carry On poster 
screened on a crusty wood panel.

The Keep Calm message is an old British moral boosting message the government used for the people during the WWII bombings of London.
Jon Todd has took it upon himself to redesign this poster with a lowbrow edge and brand it to his Mr. Smily campaign.

We are now selling these posters for 
$40.00 per water color print
$150.00 unframed on wood panel
$250.00 Framed in a tarnished thin steel frame (similar to the image above)
on wood panel.

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1 comment:

bigrig said...

next, do the Mona Lisa with a moustache drawn on. that'd be so cool.