Thursday, April 30, 2009

Three Generations Of Urban Portraiture, Jamel Shabazz, Steve Carty, Che Kothari

Artist Deposit Breakdown

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

CONTACT Photography Festivial 2009

Jerome Jenner Fine Art preview list will be sent out on the Wednesday April 29th, For all of those collectors not on our preview list please e-mail:

Call For Submissions

Jerome Jenner Fine Art will be organizing a live wrestling show at SMASH and is opening up for submissions from local Toronto artist. All submissions must be wrestler oriented preferably 80's era. Websites will suffice if sample work is not available.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steve Carty - book launch coming soon.

On the streets or in the studio Steve Carty has captured actors, comedians, athletes and has been published in countless magazines. His unique talent for capturing professionals at the top of there carrier shows best in his newly published book entitled “Positives” 150 page biography of his carrier.

If you are interested in placing an order please call 416.546.2303

*Keeping it real*

“If you wanted an image to represent keeping it real Jamel Shabazz’s body of work would be the perfect example.”

-Jerome Jenner

Jamal Shabazz has been around for three decades and helped open the public's eyes to the city streets. Jamel is a mirror of the streets, reflecting and documenting everything about it. I was fortunate enough to meet up Jamel before I was able to handle and hang his work. Looking through a massive portfolio sitting a crossed a small wobbly table at an Italian café somewhere in the lower east side of Manhattan. It only took a few moments, meeting and walking from the subway station, to sitting in the Café and then finding a worthy comparison to the mannerisms of Jamel. I was floored from what I have seen through his lens. I am in aw at what he has seen and how he has been able to document so much. Sitting with him in that café made me able to understand his work methods and how he approaches his subjects.

Looking through a large body of work, Jamel would be talking to me about a couple new projects filling in with all the whys and how’s then all of a sudden he would be saying “excuse me I have to get this” and there I was, alone looking at his portfolio. After a the few times he had left the table a mother and son sitting near by both looking at a table full of photos and why that hell this guy was getting up and running after people and taking there picture. I looked at lady in a welcoming manor and then she asked the most obvious question “is he a photographer or something”. With my natural sarcasm aside, I explained to her about Jamel and the proceeded to show her and her son his work. It is next to impossible not to love Jamel work. When Jamel came back to the table the lady and her son were in the middle of all the images. Jamel engaged the two like he know them from middle school always with keeping his humble reserve.

After talking about there trip to New York from London he asked them to be in a shot over by a blossoming tulip, one of the first of the year. Jamel has a story behind all of his subjects some more elaborate then others but each photo is a visual diary of his life. To me this experience was a perfect example of how he works in this environment. All ways looking for the next person, remembering the most unique backdrops of the aria and trying to merge the two with a natural direction not by forced composition just by persistence and divine intervention. Jamel is on the top of my top three photographers of our time.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Jon Todd - Snake Charmer light box

In the fall we got in 5 Eaton's light boxes, with those cheesy Eternity, Channel and Charly perfume adds. So the sensible thing is to do is to rip out the adds from a well made and designed light box's and replace the image with a Jon Todd print of the Snake Charmer or a Keep Calm and Carry On Smily Poster.

Let me know what you think


Birth of ROOD NANSON - A Custom Table for Scotty "O"

Jon and I were commissioned to paint a board room table for a marketing company. If the owner and lead director were like any other stereotypical office stiffs this  table would still be at the side of the road.

Big thanks to Scotty "O"


Thursday, April 9, 2009

- Keep Calm Carry On Smiley Poster -

Original grimy Smily screened on a weathered Keep Calm Carry On poster 
screened on a crusty wood panel.

The Keep Calm message is an old British moral boosting message the government used for the people during the WWII bombings of London.
Jon Todd has took it upon himself to redesign this poster with a lowbrow edge and brand it to his Mr. Smily campaign.

We are now selling these posters for 
$40.00 per water color print
$150.00 unframed on wood panel
$250.00 Framed in a tarnished thin steel frame (similar to the image above)
on wood panel.

Please contact