Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Martin Wittfooth - Intropic - Pulse Art Fair 2009

I had the privilege this past month in hanging art work for the Jonathan Levine Gallery they featured Camille Rose Garcia at the Scope Art Fair. Also being featured by Camille was her on custom wall paper designed and produced by Adam Wallacavage . I was able to get my hands a little more dirty with the Copro Nason Gallery at the Pulse art fair. The Image above is a Martin Wittfooth, Oil on canvas titled "Intropic" Martin ask me if I could make a custom frame fitting to the concept of his peice. The frame it self is made out of 150 year old Douglas Fer, I salvaged it from a colapsed barn out in the boonies of middle Ontario. I look forward in working with Martin in the near future so keep in touch for more custom colaborations.

If you like Martin's work you can check out of the MW at martinwittfooth.com

All the best until the nest post

As well these two artists are a must see.


bigrig said...

i would hang this next to watercolours of mexican children with really big eyes and dogs playing poker.

bigrig said...

i get it now! the polar bear is hot because the ice is gone! someone call the newspapers! people need to be warned!

bigrig said...

i think (in Joycean aesthetics) this is what was once decried as 'pornography'. at least, it may be propagandistic.